MEDIP: Extensive service for all your needs.

The key to success of MEDIP is the individual attention to the patient’s needs as well as the high level of potency and professional skills of the doctors. We guarantee confidentiality and a personal approach to everyone.

With MEDIP you can always rely on individual methods of approach and qualitative medical aid for you and your family:

  • Visa support
  • Hotel reservation
  • Tickets
  • Transfer
  • Coordination
  • Translators
  • Support
  • Management
  • Business contacts
  • Jurisprudence
  • Excursion
  • Point of interest
  • Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Financial support

In our clients words:

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation towards the company MEDIP, which made durable and high-standard medical care possible for me in Switzerland. Having received a hopeless diagnosis, I contacted the company MEDIP. I call it “hopeless” intentionally, because at the moment you realize that your body is affected with cancer, everything seems hopeless. My last hope was going to Switzerland.

My first visit at the doctor’s office was quickly organised. I heard of the Swiss reliability, but I was surprised of the readiness. Since it was my first time in Switzerland, I booked all the necessary steps in advance with MEDIP (incl. transfer and all the necessary support needed when visiting a foreign country).

And now I’m sitting on the plane. Each passenger was deep in thoughts and so was I, I could only think about my health. Then I realised I wasn’t only surrounded by businessmen, women and kids, but by people just like me, who wanted to live.

When I arrived in Zurich, I took a deep breath and felt an ease of mind accompanied by hope. I had never thought that it would be possible to feel so self-confident.

After passing by the passport control a pleasant young man with a MEDIP sign welcomed me. He helped me with my baggage and escorted me to an extremely solid car. The following events worked out at first attempt and I was surprised even more. Every single minute I thought: “Thank you for your existence MEDIP!”

Two years passed by and my treatment finds an end. With a big smile the doctor tells me that my future visits will only be controls.

Thanks to MEDIP I’m healthy again. My family and I are endlessly grateful. Your service is at the highest level, as everything else is in Switzerland.

Mr. I. from M.

I'd like to thank all staff members of the MEDIP Company for their organisation of a first-class medical treatment in Switzerland. Thanks to their professional work my family and I were treated by the best European doctors within no time. This implied among other services the consultations, examinations and the medical care. All non-medical aspects of our stay in Switzerland had also been organised in every detail by MEDIP. We never had any problems, no matter if it involved translation, visa application, transfer or accommodations. For that reason we could completely focus on our health.

Mrs. K. from N.